Sunday 11 March 2012

With Business Organiztions and offices finding it difficult to find an easy solution for their daily billing, accounting and inventory issues we decided to develop a new software that will be very easy to learn within a few minutes, even if he or she is not an expert computer user. With a dedicated team we decided to blend our expertise to build an easy software to compete in today's market. The Beta version of the product was released in 2004 and the software was launched in January 2005 calling it Inventory Biz.
About Inventory Biz
Inventory Biz is a new generation user-friendly inventory and accounting software, which can be used and installed without any prior knowledge. It comes in a multi user version at a very cost effective price, targeting all kinds of business. e.g. Computer dealers, Electrical shops, Supermarket, Textile shops, Showrooms, Hardware Shops, Stationary shops, General Trading, etc.  With its easy report generation and information friendly menus it will help you to boost your business
With its good success rate in the market and users rating it as a user friendly and better product than other leading software's available in the market, we decided to have different versions of the same to target different levels of business. We introduced the Inventory Biz Gold Enterprise Edition in March 2006 and also introduced an OEM pack Single user version called Inventory Biz E-series for the small segment business in July 2006.